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Thursday, 31st May 2012
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Saturday, 19th May 2012
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Thursday, 10th May 2012
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Wednesday, 2nd May 2012
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Welcome to Cresenture CMS


Web Design: How to own a professional looking website yet easy to maintain it yourself without any programming knowledge? this 

If you need to engage third party services to update the content of your website, it's time to upgrade your website with Content Management System (CMS), for a lasting and cost saving web present.

CMS allow you or anyone in your organisation to maintain the website, to post the latest news & event, update current information or to add new products or services. Waiting for 3rd party to get it done will take sometime and may incurr additional cost.

The next question you may ask is "What kind of CMS do I need?". There are many type of CMS available in the market, some are open-source which you can use it freely but we do not encourage using them for corporate websites. The other commerical CMS has a lot of powerful features which you will hardly use on your website.

Our recommendation? You need to get a CMS that is easy to use, simple to learn and yet has all the feature that your website will ever need. In our experience, customers who asked for CMS packed with lots of feature, will seldom or never update the website as it's too complex for their staff to handle or the person-in-charge has left the company without teaching the next person on the job.

Check out the following video and see if Cresenture's CMS is what you will be looking for. Contact us for the access to a live demostration. We can customise the CMS to fit your needs for the website.

eCommerce: How to have a website that more than just selling online?

Do you want to setup an online store but wanted more than just selling stuff? If you have done extensive research on the online stores, you will notice that most website look more or less the same. This is because most online store are using open source ecommerce software such as OScommerce, Zencart, Magneto, Opencart etc. Those solutions are product orientated, which are good if you are just interested in selling products without branding.

However if you are selling in-house brand, you need to explain and showcase more on your product. Our solution may just be what you need. We have integrated our in-house CMS solution to opencart. Please watch the following video to understand how easy it is to use our CMS solution.

For live demostration, please visit